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Hey there, fellow translator or interpreter!

I started my career in the translation industry back in 2010, while juggling 3 jobs and attending my university Bachelor's degree course in Translation and Interpreting studies – and eventually having to move abroad, so I could work and make enough money to pay for my tuition.

My plate was full, and I had no idea what I was doing.

To make matters worse, my purely translation-focused BA degree didn't teach me any of the business-y stuff.

So when I got into the actual, real business world, I had ZERO clue of what I was supposed to do.

Suddenly, I had to learn how to find clients. How to structure a winning resume, create a portfolio sample, set my rates, put up a website, learn how to use software and be on top of my finances. Where could I even start?!

Back then, there was barely any information online – with the exception of a few (to this day) phenomenal names such as Chris Durban, Tess Whitty, Marta Stelmaszak and Corinne McKay.

So I had to learn the hard way.

Fast forward 10 years (and many bad projects and clients) later, I now work with amazing international clients and on projects that I love.

Over nearly a decade now ? I've been sharing my findings, successes and failures with colleagues, hoping to empower others in the industry to wake up excited and love their work as much as I do.

These days, you've probably seen my name around co-presenting webinars and workshops – including alongside my very own idols from back in the day, like Tess Whitty! – on subjects like:

? Marketing
? Mindset
? Personal branding
? LinkedIn & Instagram
? Clients & rates

...for translators and interpreters, and much more.

On this page you'll find a few free resources, online events and also webinars or courses I've presented or co-taught, that you probably don't want to miss out on ?

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Webinar & event schedule

Learn directly from some of the most successful experts in our industry ? Get access to webinars, courses and events put together by translators and interpreters for translators and interpreters. (including me ??)

? 19th August: How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Clients and Start Working on Projects You Love at the Rates you Deserve (Webinar)

I’m REALLY excited about this webinar ? I’m going to share my own strategies and super practical, no-fluff advice to help you:
  • stop receiving insulting requests from bottom feeders, low, late or non payers
  • stop being asked to do translation tests for free
  • stop finding yourself having to complain about shitty projects and unreasonable clients
  • stop being compared to “your friend’s cousin who studied Spanish abroad for 3 weeks in 2015”
  • start attracting clients with a decent budget
  • work on projects you love
  • feel happy and excited to do your work every day (and in turn deliver better results) ??

    The LIVE webinar is planned for the 19th of August, 6 pm CET. Recordings will be available for 7 days even if you don’t make it to the live. Save the date and see you there!

Click HERE to reserve your spot (we only have a few left!)

Inbound Marketing for Translators & Interpreters

I teamed up with Tess Whitty to deliver this crash course in Inbound Marketing for Translators. Website building, social media, all the way to Google analytics: This is the course I wish existed when I started out 10 years ago. Enroll today and turn your online presence into a lead generation machine.

View Course

? Coming up: How to Leverage Instagram for Translators & Interpreters (Webinar)

When you think of Instagram, you probably think of influencers, make-up tutorials, and fitness celebrities. Business? Not so much. But what if I told you your target clients probably do hang out on Instagram, AND you don’t need to post any selfies to be successful on the platform? Join us on this webinar where I’ll talk you through an effective Instagram strategy to increase brand visibility and land clients.

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Financial Success Summit for Translators

This event brings together marketing and money experts from inside and outside the industry to show you how to stand out and get profitable clients you absolutely love working with. Plus, we’ll discuss how you can raise your rates, manage your income and payment cycles and properly prepare for retirement.

View Summit

? Coming up: How to Leverage LinkedIn for Translators & Interpreters (Webinar)

The survival (and thriving) of my business entirely depends on my ability to generate leads online. LinkedIn is the best platform to do just that. I’ve landed some of my best (3-digit hourly rate) clients through it, and I’ve been recognized as #15 of the Top 50 Localization Influencers thanks to my work on the platform. This is one of my most popular webinars – Spots may be limited, so stay tuned! ?

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Past events & webinars

? How to leverage LinkedIn for translators & interpreters (multiple dates)

? How to leverage Instagram for translators & interpreters (15.05.2020)

? How to manage multiple specializations without going crazy (06.02.2020)

? Marketing Success Summit for translators (25-27.04.2019)

? CONVTI conference 2019 (November 2019)

? Canary Translators conference (November 2018)

What other translators & interpreters
are saying


happy translators

I felt like I was drinking delicious wine from a fire hose. So much to learn, so little time! Perhaps you could write a 10-day plan to leverage Instagram for translators? I would buy it.

Christian N., Freelance Translator


happy translators

I've been following you for some years and I can only say the information you provide is amazing! We chatted many years ago, you took some time to give me amazing tips for free and I never forgot how kind you were to a complete stranger like me.

Zalfa H., Freelance Translator


happy translators

Great workshop filled with valuable and actionable tips on how to improve our inbound marketing! It surpassed my expectations, which were already high. Totally worth it and recommended!

Anonymous, Freelance Translator


happy translators

This course covers all the important aspects of inbound marketing and is led by two professionals who have successfully implemented all these techniques. From the first couple of modules you can start implementing what you learn, and by the end you are well equipped with a clear inbound marketing strategy and will have already seen some results. Excellent course!

Anonymous, Freelance Translator


happy translators

Hi Martina! I just watched the video on the Mentoring for Translators Facebook group and I find it very interesting and inspiring. I'm in the process of finding my niche and now I've learned that It might be closer to me than I think.

Mariela L., Freelance Translator


happy translators

I watched your webinar on Marketing your translation services using LinkedIn, it was inspiring!

Haijing G., Freelance Translator


happy translators

Martina's advice is actionable, practical, and inspiring - exactly what I was hoping for! The webinar completely revolutionized the way I look at LinkedIn.

Elani W., Freelance Translator


happy translators

Just to follow up on the LinkedIn masterclass: It was really engaging and so full of information without being overwhelming, and the time was the best investment I could have made this weekend. Really got a lot out of it.

Jennifer W., Freelance Translator

Some of my favorite books, tools & resources
(that you’ll find useful too)

? Favorite Tools

? Invoicing project managing and software for translators:

? Get feedback on your professional shots:

? HubSpot’s free email generator

? HubSpot’s free Buyer Persona generator

? HubSpot’s free blog idea generator

? Free SEO keyword research tool Ubersuggest

? Email finder Hunter

? Canva

? Free URL shortener Bitly

? Instagram post scheduler:

? Twitter scheduler:

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