Conferences, webinars & resources for translators & interpreters


Hey there, fellow translator and interpreter!

My name is Martina Russo, an Italian marketing translator. I started out in the translation field at the end of 2010, alongside my university studies. At the very beginning, I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing.

I accepted random projects, for extremely low rates, and struggled to make ends meets. At the time, the information on the web was very scarce, and I had to learn through trial and error.


Fast forward 10 years later, I often get invited to speak at conferences and present webinars by or alongside some of the translators I used to look up tp when I was just starting out.

I have gathered all the free and paid webinars I've done over the years on this page so you can hopefully benefit from them too.


Coming Soon!

Hang tight – I’m working on this section, all resources will be available soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out!