Hi, I’m Martina, your Italian & Swiss Italian digital marketing translation specialist.


I help martech and salestech SaaS companies, digital, growth and marketing brands like Neil Patel and Digitec Galaxus to increase their conversion and sign-up rates through high-impact, specialist translations that connect, engage and convert. While I personally translate into my native Italian and Swiss Italian,  when you work with me you also get access to an exclusive team of hand-picked, vetted marketing translation & UX/UI localization specialists to cover most of you language needs.

What I can help you with


Even if your product is excellent and something people need, it doesn’t mean they will buy it from you. You need to connect with them emotionally, by speaking to them in their language and using the right words.

I’m here to use my cultural and linguistic expertise to help you stop leaving money on the table and venture into your foreign markets with confidence.



Linguistic consultancy

Adapting tone. Adjusting messaging. Let’s find the best way to communicate with your target audience.


Marketing translation

Need to translate your marketing copy, Facebook or Google Ads, press releases, product sheets? Say no more.

UX/UI Localization

Need to localize your UX/UI for the Italian market? That’s one of my specializations. Look no futher.

Proofreading & editing

Grammar. Punctuation. Meaning. Great communication is in the details – and I can make sure they’re all spot on.


Project management

Need help with a more complex project? Send me your requirements and I’ll put a top team together.



Want to speak to the heart of your foreign customers? Sometimes, that means you need to rewrite your copy.

Italian to Swiss Italian

Need to adapt content for the Swiss-Italian market? I can make your brand a local success and help you avoid cultural pitfalls.

Machine translation post editing

Need to scale faster? I own a license to the best software available and can use my expert editing skills to deliver content that’s fit for purpose.

Projects & clients

I help my clients step in to their Italian speaking market by delivering copy that converts and texts that connect. I’m proud of the work I do, and they are too. Take a look below to see a few samples of the results we’ve achieved and hear what they say about working together. Click on “View work” to see each website live.

Martina is a perfectionist and Moving Words is by far the best translation service I worked with. It’s that extra mile that someone gives to make the project a success as well as the quality of the translation, in case of goetica it was from English into Italian language and it was for a complex travel search engine, website, SEO, launch video and a range of marketing collateral. Martina assisted with setting up processes, contacts and support throughout the project, always on time and always to a high standard and will continue working with goetica into the future.

Matija A.

Co-founder, goetica

Martina is a very valuable external collaborator for our translation team here at Digitec Galaxus. Although we are several kilometers away, project delivery and communication between us work perfectly fine – so much so that it almost feels like we have her here with us in Zurich. We very much appreciate her commitment, the quality of her work, her reflective spirit, her loyalty and her sense of humour. We hope that we can continue to work with her for a long time.

Alessandra R.

Digitec Galaxus

Martina is one of the most trustworthy professionals I have ever dealt with when it comes to localization and translations. She is dependable, takes ownership of the project and comes up with solutions to problems that not even the product owner had originally seen. Martina is definitely one of the best in this field.

Carlos M.

Product Manager, Neil Patel

Swiss Italian specialist

Are Italian and Swiss Italian really different?

Yes, they are. While both countries share the same language, there are many differences – ranging from daily expressions and date formats to terms used in legal or medical texts. But it isn’t just language that varies: Switzerland and Italy have fundamentally different cultures, political structures and infrastructures. If you want to do business with the Swiss Italian market, you need to adapt your content for this very specific audience.

I am a native Italian speaker, and my dialect is very similar to the one spoken in Ticino.

I’ve lived and breathed the culture of both countries and can help you avoid embarrassing pitfalls.


Moving Words: Multilingual Marketing & Digital Translations

Marketing translation, trascreation, creative translation, UX/UI localization.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in translation, interpreting and marketing, I started navigating the world of digital, growth and SaaS marketing, advertising, and copywriting – partly to also set up my own business. I haven’t stopped learning ever since, and it naturally became the field I’ve specialized in. A few years down the line, an increasing number of clients started asking me to deliver translations in several languages to cover multiple markets. I put together a top multilingual team of specialized and qualified translators to help them crack new markets.

I can work with you 1:1 to deliver copy for your Italian or Swiss Italian market, or you can visit my agency website for more complex projects.

The Action Sports Translator

Specialized translations in action sports and the outdoors.

I learnt to ski before I knew how to talk. Today, when I’m not busy working, you’ll find me climbing a mountain or snowboarding down one. As a customer of brands in the action sports industry, I noticed a gap in the market: the lack of a specialised translation service for brands in the adventure sports space, and poor quality translations across the whole sector. You know that feeling of clipping the chains on a sport climbing route you’ve been projecting, or when you’re floating on powder on a bluebird day? I do, too. That’s why I made action sports & the outdoors my second specialisation and founded The Action Sports Translator.

I can work with you to translate action sports-related content for your Italian audience, or you can head over to my agency website to find out what my multilingual team can do for you.


Education & CPD,
Training for translators

 Ongoing learning and teaching. 

My hands-on experience in translation is backed up by a Bachelor’s Degree in translation, interpreting and communication studies, a Master’s in audiovisual translation and countless CPD courses and webinars.

On my Kindle, you’ll find books ranging from UX writing, research, copywriting, behavioural economics and psychology applied to marketing, all the way to – of course – languages. Stay up date with my latest CPD here. 

Nowadays, I am often invited to speak at translation conferences and events to help translators and interpreters with their marketing, LinkedIn, social media, brand identity, mindset, and more.

When it comes to staying up to date with the industries I work with, you can usually find me at the next big trade show. Want to grab a coffee? Drop me a line – It’s likely I’ll be there.

Got questions? Would you like to say hi?

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Via Brodolini 14
Pieve Emanuele (Milano)
20090, Italy